May 3,2016

Savagery of the mullahs and their allies and mercenaries indicates their failure in saving the Syrian dictator

Maryam Rajavi described the barbaric bombardment of Aleppo and the brutal massacre of the Syrian people, particularly women and children by Bashar Assad and the antihuman Iranian regime, along with their allies and mercenaries, an unparalleled war crime and a great tragedy of the century that has hurt the conscience of contemporary mankind. She said that the perseverance of the Syrian people and opposition, especially in the heroic Aleppo, is a model worthy of praise that will never be forgotten and that the inaction in the face of this tragedy blemishes the record of the international community.

May 12,2016

Victor Gulotta, a great supporter of Iranian Resistance in France, passes away

Victor Gulottawho brought the love and kindness of the French to the Mojahedin left us. His humanity, honesty and endless generosity, however, will remain with us for ever.

Mr. Gulottawas a man of noble nature who rushed to the aid of the Iranian Resistance when they were attacked on June 17, 2003, by allies of the religious fascism ruling Iran who had struck a deal.

April 30,2016

Fellow toiling workers,
Fellow compatriots who have been dismissed or are unemployed,
Millions of honorable men and women who have been forced to live in fear, destitution and insecurity because of dismissals, white and temporary contracts and unpaid wages,
I congratulate you all, on the International Labor Day!

March 23,2016

Dear friends at the Houses of Parliament,
Honorable friends of the Iranian Resistance,
Honorable representatives,

In the beginning of another Persian New Year with the freshness of spring, I wish you and your families, and the great nation of Britain a year of progress and peace, away from the danger of terrorism and fundamentalism.
Nowrouz has been the most important Iranian feast for thousands of years.
Ancient Persia's myths, stories and poems all indicate that Nowrouz is one of the most essential pillars of the Iranian culture.
What is the meaning of Nowrouz?
It means the renewal of nature, the renewal of the year and time, and the renewal of hearts, visions and fate.
So, far beyond a New Year celebration, Nowrouz is part of the Iranian people's vision and outlook on the world.

March 19,2016

Message on the New Iranian Year

Fellow compatriots,
Honorable mothers and fathers,
My dear sisters and brothers,
Passionate and energetic youths of Iran who want everything new,
Valiant women and men in political prisons who embrace Nowrouz even in captivity,
Champions of freedom in Camp Liberty who are the messengers of spring and Nowrouz for Iran,
Fellow exiled Iranians all across the world, who take your beautiful homeland, Iran, into your homes and to your families with Nowrouz and by setting up the Haft-Seen arrangement,
Happy New Year!

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